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CEO/Founder of Trinity Recruitment Services, Judeen Scantlebury.

Job opportunities in UAE

A local job recruitment agency has gone all the way to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to source employment for CARICOM nationals.
Known for successfully placing staff on board cruise ships, river cruises and airlines, Trinity Recruitment Services is now providing more opportunities for persons looking to work overseas to boost their career prospects.

“Our company is now setting up operations in Dubai for the purpose of being able to facilitate jobs in more of the corporate areas,” CEO/Founder of Trinity Recruitment Services, Judeen Scantlebury, revealed to The Barbados Advocate.

“In 2018 we completed a survey with persons in Corporate Barbados to hear some of the issues they were currently facing. Most persons mentioned their frustrations in their jobs - stagnation, feeling like they are working to just pay bills and not having enough afterwards. So, we wanted to be able to go into the land-based jobs and not solely focus on the cruise industry.”

“Trinity Recruitment Services thereby sent out proposals to companies in Dubai and we were invited by some of those companies last year to come up and make presentations. Some of our proposals went well. So, based on some of their requirements, it will be easier for us to have a set-up there as well,” she said, highlighting that recruitment will be in the areas of Accounting & Finance; Advertising & Public Relations; Insurance; Information Technology; Engineering; Education; Healthcare; Human Resources; Hospitality and Customer Service.

“For instance, a person in Banking or Accounting that has about 20 years’ experience can have a starting salary for about 20,000 dirhams (approximately BB$11,000) monthly, but you are contracted for a period of four to five years… Such higher paid jobs come with housing, however for those jobs that don’t come with housing we are working with a realtor to source housing prior to individuals arriving.”

However, recognising the very high work standards in Dubai, Scantlebury made it clear that candidates will be selected on their expertise, adding “And we have to send individuals out there that are serious, who are prepared and ready to work.”

“When we launch our new website on August 5th, we are going to expand how we operate our training. We are going to have customer service, etiquette training because in going into these types of jobs you might have the expertise, but you might not have the etiquette and good customer skills. The standards in Dubai are very high, so if persons don’t think they are at that standard we will help them. We are going to groom candidates to the norms and customs as well.”

The CEO went on to disclose that her agency is also currently in negotiations with another company, and once successful, jobs in the fields of petroleum, energy and trade will be on offer.

Although a local agency, Scantlebury has always reached out to persons throughout the Caribbean. She said that Barbadians are more passionate about the higher-level jobs, “And those jobs we were not able to get through the cruise ships, so we knew we had to find a new job source. However, we find the more passionate people are those from other islands that would roughly take an opportunity and go and run with it and expand.” (TL)

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