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Morgan Seale as he speaks about Barbados reclaiming the number one Caribbean destination.

It’s my passion, says Seale


IT’S not about age. It’s about experience and passion and my passion lies within the hotel and tourism industry.
This is the emphatic response from 26-year-old Morgan Seale, the new General Manager of the recently renovated and reconstructed Sugar Bay Barbados.
Holding a degree in Finance and Accounting, young Seale was never certain his chosen career path would land him within the hotel and tourism industry; an industry he has worked in since childhood during his school days. 
As fate would have it, Seale is now the general manager of the Boho-chic Sugar Bay Barbados and is not daunted by the job ahead. Whether dressed in business wear or a pair of overalls and hat as he follows his love of gardening and landscaping, he is ready for the challenge. 
He told The Barbados Advocate during an interview, “I grew up in hotels. As a child growing up, I loved coming to work with my father and learning the business. I have worked every position there is within the hotel industry. Whether bellboy, gardener or bar man. Each position taught me different and useful skills which I can use in my day-to-day life.
“For me, it was important learning what the different posts entailed, regardless of who my father was. My dad taught me we all have to start somewhere and what better place to start and learn than from the ground up.” 
Speaking about Sugar Bay, Seale pointed out, “Since opening in November 2015, the hotel has been able to offer 450 jobs to Barbadians, between Sugar Bay Barbados and sister hotel Bougainvillea Beach Resort to Barbadians, some of whom worked alongside me on the renovations of the hotel.
“So far we have had no regrets and I have one of the best work teams in Barbados. My team is very competent and we see no ‘I’ in team. From the line staff, to supervisors, to the managers, we work as one. This stance is important to ensure our guests are happy, receive maximum comfort and maintain a strong level of efficiency at all times whilst upholding our tagline, ‘We don’t stop until the job is done.’”
He noted, “Working as Onsite Manager with the recent renovations, we were able to rebuild properly and add a different ambience to the hotel whilst capitalising on certain aspects in our goal of making the hotel a Boho-chic destination, where anyone can come and relax and experience a taste of Barbadian culture at its best whether through food, entertainment, our rich cultural history or our music.
“Our night attraction of Barbadian artistes and bands help to foster the Barbadian experience. Our guests are treated to one hundred per cent Barbadian entertainment, which is what we strive for. Promoting Barbados for the better. Giving guests a taste of Bajan roots they will never forget. One where they will keep coming back and referring Barbados to their friends.”
Morgan emphasised, “Tourism is the largest growing industry in the world. It offers a lot of incentives such as foreign exchange and job creation. It is time Barbados stop resting on its laurels and reclaim the title as number one Caribbean destination because we have a lot to offer. Barbados is an island treasure and it is time we give islands such as the Philippines and Seychelles a run for their money.”
When asked his future plans for the hotel, Seale added, “I will continue to push this hotel forward and Barbados on a whole as we seek to make Barbados the number one Caribbean destination and the ideal holiday spot.”

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