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FROM LEFT: Organiser of the Barbados Adventure Race (BAR), George Griffith, as he signed the contract while COO of ICBL, Oliver Jordan, and Nurse Administrator, Lisa Braithwaite-Graham, look on.

ICBL promoting health, wellness

Barbadians have moved away from physical activity and this is something that needs to be changed.

This is according to Lisa Braithwaite-Graham, Nurse Administrator at ICBL, as she delivered remarks during a press conference yesterday morning at the company’s headquarters.

During the press conference, ICBL announced that they will be the title sponsor for the Barbados Adventure Race (BAR), which is to take place later this year.

Braithwaite-Graham noted that the opportunity to partner with BAR was welcome as ICBL recognises that obstacle course training is a great way to improve cardiovascular health, build muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously.

She explained that ICBL’s easyWELLNESS programme provides effective interventions for improving the health and status of their clients, which is a critical area of focus for the community at large.

She added that they have been doing their part to help change the sedentary lifestyle of Barbadians, which according to the World Health Organisation, increases mortality and is the leading cause of diseases and disabilities worldwide.

It is against this backdrop that she believes that BAR gives Barbadians another chance to get going.

“We’re changing our culture. Barbadians have moved away from physical activity, and we want people to get moving, we want people to get up from the desk” she said.

“For instance, we had our sneaker day last month and the whole purpose of that was to change that mindset of sitting down to getting moving and that’s what we’re doing as a company and we are looking to going forward with it, movement. Get moving!”

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