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Bret Barber (right), Director of Sales, Marketing & Research at J E Security Systems & Services Inc. showing these patrons some of the fire safety equipment on offer at the company.

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Great interest was shown in the residential and commercial grade fire extinguishers, also on display.

Homeowners showing great interest in fire safety, life safety systems

More and more Barbadians are seeking out the services of security firms, to find out how they can not only secure their homes, but better protect them against fires.

Bret Barber, Director of Sales, Marketing & Research at J E Security Systems & Services Inc. acknowledged the above recently, as he spoke with The Barbados Advocate during the recently held Sky Mall Builders and Homeowners Showcase, held in the Mall at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

“The fire detection in this island is minimal at best, but we do offer wireless residential smoke detectors, as well as we offer hardwire commercial smoke detectors. For commercial applications, we do both conventional as well as the addressable, simply that means the detectors can either report via location or we can actually pinpoint bedrooms,” Barber explained, noting that their fire detection system monitors the smoke detectors.

“One of the differences between buying them off the shelf and buying them from a security company, is that the control panel that is installed, will actually supervise the wireless sensors. J E Security’s control panels check the batteries. They will notify you and notify us that a battery needs to be changed or part of a system needs to be checked,” he added.

Barber is meanwhile advocating that more homes in Barbados invest in fire extinguishers, which can save the home from being destroyed in the event of a fire.

“I am a big believer in the 5lb ABC (dry powder) fire extinguisher, having done the demonstration and being part of a team that has put out a fire. I like having my 5lb fire extinguisher at hand. I believe in having more than one in a house. But if you want heavy duty, maybe you are very big into cooking and baking at home, we have the wet chemical six litre fire extinguisher, purpose built and designed for chemical fires such as oil-based kitchen fires. It’s commercial grade,” he commented.

Barber meanwhile revealed that numerous Barbadians have been enquiring about the company’s residential life safety system. The medical system allows tenants to keep a waterproof medical bracelet on their person, which will communicate with a control panel installed in the home, to provide 24-hour monitoring.

During cases of emergency, a panic button can be pushed to activate the security system and J E Security personnel will be able to communicate with the tenants or even pass on relevant information to the authorities about what is heard in the home, if the tenant is unable to speak.

“At our office, we constantly receive telephone calls from people who are interested in this system and one of our biggest selling features is that we offer free life safety surveys. We will come to a home or business and we will do a free security and life safety audit for you. A lot of the things that we can point out are things that we have learnt over the years, but might not be known to the general public. So a lot of times, without even spending any money, you can benefit from the security surveys,” Barber stated, whilst emphasising the need for homeowners to better secure their property, as well as life and limb. (RSM)

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