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Lead singer for Cover Drive Amanda Reifer singing to an individual from the audience who came on stage.

HC past and present students come together for Mosaic IV

The fourth annual Mosaic musical evening concert took place at the Frank Collymore Hall last Saturday night. The Harrison College bands and artistes in association with Cover Drive, displayed a night of musical excellence to the large crowd who supported the proceedings, which were to support culture and sport at the Harrison College School.

Principal of the Harrison College Juanita Wade says the school is blessed by the support they continue to receive. “This is the fourth in the series of the Mosaic evening Gala, we continue to receive the support of so many talented musicians and artistes who keep the concert vibrant and fresh. These generous individuals keep coming back full circle to their alma mater to ensure that Harrison College can continue to nurture young minds and talent.” She added, “This year’s event will be mixed with deep sadness as we mourn the loss of one of our own, Adrian “Boo” Husbands. We dedicate this year’s concert to the memory of this gentleman and true friend of Harrison College, who devoted his time and talent to ensuring that music continued to be an important part of school life.”

Speaking at the evening Gala, Concert Committee member Peter Williams said, “David Weatherhead has been the creator and driver behind this whole effort, the Mosaic musical gala started really from the college’s need for programs in sport and music especially in a time when Government support and finance is obviously being stretch. We put together a committee of old Harrisonians and we have tried to not only just raise funds, but provide an opportunity for the students past and students current to come together to perform and to mix, so we are hopefully generating a lot of interest in music and the arts at school. The initiative really is then to focus on funding the arts, music and sport at Harrison College so that where there is a gap in terms of the schools need for instruments and sports materials for example hurdles or a piano they will be well equipped.”

“We want this to be annual, we try not to skip a year because as soon as you lose a year, you lose momentum. Now this is the fourth year and every year we try to bring something different, I think this opportunity also helps to motivate the students at the school because they know they have something to work towards,” he said.

Special guest appearance at the event Dr. Anthony “Mighty Gabby” Carter said, “My performance was only planned about a week ago when I received a call to perform with Quissa, I really wanted to do it because I have so many friends that teach and went to school at the Harrison College so that was even more reason I made my presence felt at the concert. About two years ago I performed at this same very event and I will continue to support the initiative because I love this idea. The music industry in Barbados is a lot better than most of the Caribbean islands and this is something we need to continue doing, getting the students in the secondary schools more involved.”

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