Great time to reset

One local member of the creative industry believes that COVID-19 is an opportunity for Barbados to reset itself.

Veteran photographer, Ronnie Carrington made this comment during a brief interview with The Barbados Advocate on Friday.

Expanding on his earlier point of resetting the nation, Carrington said in the situation of the taxi operator, he is challenging this service provider to refine his skillset.

“I don’t think we should miss the opportunity to reset in every way possible, and a lot of your own success in life is the way that you perceive yourself. If you perceive yourself as somebody driving a taxi taking people around, then you are going to be stuck in a certain mode. On the other hand, if you perceive yourself as a good storyteller of the land you were born in, in the land that you cherish, and you know well, and you are proud, then what you do takes on a different complexion, ” said Carrington.

Earlier, he spoke about his consultancy work with the Tourism Board to broaden the tourism product.

His project involved bringing the port taxi associations under an umbrella to upgrade their present service offering. The 2019 initiative called “Barbados Alive” is a public-private venture which involves service quality workshops, teaching new routes to drivers, and learning Carrington’s method of conducting tours.

“The tourism industry has caught my attention, and I’m still using my photographic back-ground and video background, ” said Carrington.

For the past 25 years, Carrington conducted photographic tours. He explained that he was running the tours

for cruise ship passengers but noted there is a suspension of this activity.

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