Forde: Keep heritage sites clean


Opposition Parliamentary representative, Cynthia Forde, is asking Government to ensure that National Heritage locations are kept clean.
“Yesterday morning, when I passed at the National Heritage location in Sturges that always hosted the ‘Heart of Barbados’ project that was a fantastic tourism earner that incorporated the communities across the parish of St. Thomas and adjoining communities that that National Heritage site has not been touched or cleaned. It has expansive lawns. People would keep weddings and other activities to entertain… That place has not been cleaned for more than six months. It is full of bush, but yet the Honourable Prime Minister was able to speak to us in June this year, to tell us about Barbados’ system of parks and open spaces,” she stressed.
Expressing her hopes that Government’s latest de-bushing project would help to “make Barbados clean again”, she noted that many of the overgrown lots around the island were becoming havens for rats and mosquitoes.
Speaking specifically on leptospirosis, she said several persons had fallen ill and even died in recent times with this rodent-borne disease.
She therefore urged all Barbadians to ensure that they properly washed any vegetables they purchased, noting that rats were often seen running through vegetable gardens and could spread the disease through urination.
Forde also requested that Government make a special effort to hire some of those retrenched workers to work in the de-bushing project, claiming that many of them had not been employed since being let go from the public sector. (JMB)

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