FAB Project lauded

The Barbados National Organisation of the Disabled (BARNOD) is pleased with the groundwork that has been covered since the start of their Fully Accessible Barbados (FAB) Project.

During a press conference that was held at the Barbados Council for the Disabled yesterday morning, President of BARNOD, Colbert Ashby, told the media that he commends the efforts that have been put into the FAB project. However, he noted that there is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done before they can comfortably say that Barbados is fully accessible to the disabled. Acknowledging the ramps and the “tweeting birds” at the stoplights which “chirp” when it is safe for persons to cross the road in Bridgetown, Ashby said that more needs to be done in other highly populated areas as well.

He explained that places like the Warrens area need to have more things put in place to ensure the safety of the differently abled, as he considers them to be dangerous areas due to the volume of traffic within these areas.

Ashby went on to say that the goal to make Barbados more accessible should be seen as an important one because it opens up another door of foreign exchange for the island. He divulged that within the disabled community there is a networking system in place and explained that if disabled tourists are looking for a place to travel, then they are going to look for countries that are accessible to them. Furthermore, if they realise that Barbados is an island that did nothing to cater to the needs of the differently abled, then they are not going to consider visiting. However, if BARNOD successfully achieves the goal of making sure Barbados is fully accessible to the differently abled, Ashby believes that word will spread within this networking system about how easy it is to venture around the island without much assistance, and more tourists will take the chance and visit the island.

“Therefore, FAB is a programme that we need to come to grips with; so that when Barbados becomes fully accessible we’ll earn the tourist dollars that we are in need of,” he said.

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