The Glenville Blackman Resource Centre has been named after Glenville Blackman (above) a former principal at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. Here, he shares the spotlight with Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones (left), Senator Harcourt Husbands (second from right), Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, and his stepdaughter Verita Williams.

Erdiston buildings named after outstanding educators

A total of eight buildings, which were refurbished at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, have been named after a number of outstanding educators, who have made a key contribution to that educational institution.

During the naming ceremony, which took place yesterday at the College located in Pine Hill, St. Michael, Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, noted that the refurbishment process and the naming ceremony was designed to aid in the transformation of the institution, which is known for delivering excellent training for teachers, so it can compete with some of the best in the world. Whilst praising the honourees, he expressed his hope that other principals and tutors would also have their names etched on structures at the college, as further refurbishment takes place there next year.

“The College has spent a few millions of dollars (in the refurbishment process). The College is being transformed into a major pedagogical campus. More work has to be done,” Minister Jones remarked.

“The Western dorm … is to be refurbished in the next financial year, starting April 1, 2018 and the Erdiston Building, the main building, which as you know had been affected by fire, will also start in the new financial year. We are hoping that if a little more funds are provided – we have asked for the funds, we don’t know if we will get it all – then to the Western side (where) the College now carries two fabricated buildings, that will also be turned into concrete and a new facility will be placed there,” he added.

“I am hoping that Erdiston will use the opportunity to recognise some other outstanding tutors or principals who have been part of this learning institution, this teaching institution,” the Minister further commented.

Acting Principal of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Dr. Patricia Saul, meanwhile revealed the eight honourees and the newly named facilities.

They are: (1) The Errol Best Science Laboratory – named after Errol Best, an excellent teacher who retired from the College in 2007, but who made an indelible contribution to science education in Barbados.

(2) The Glenville Blackman Resource Centre – named after Glenville Blackman, who was appointed as principal in December 1977. His principalship was characterised by rapid increases in initial teacher training and he established a number of resource centres under his tenure.

(3) The Vere De Peiza Learning Centre – named after the late Vere De Peiza, who was described as “a born leader” and who, at the time of his retirement in 1982, had served as senior tutor as well as in a number of “acting” roles for the administrative functions of both deputy principal and principal.

(4) The Chamberlain “Colin” Hope Lecture Theatre – named after the late Dr. Chamberlain Hope, who served as an astute tutor and disciplinarian at Erdiston from 1973 to 1981.

(5) The Dorothy King Teaching Complex – named after Dorothy King, a tutor in the areas of Education and Art who retired in 1986 from the College.

(6) The Adrian Kirton Recreation Centre – named after the late Adrian Kirton, who made his contribution in the area of physical education and health as well as towards the Teachers’ Advanced Professional Certificate.

(7) The Maureen Lucas Library – named after Dr. Maureen Lucas, the first female to be appointed principal at Erdiston and who, in her principalship, made significant changes in the programming and administration of the college. She has also made a significant contribution to teacher education in Barbados and beyond.

(8) The Lloyd Wood Centre for Professional Development – named after the late Lloyd Wood, a senior tutor who lectured in several areas such as Education, Psychology, Early Childhood Development and Statistics.

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