DLP General Secretary: Country has much to be proud of

General Secretary of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), George Pilgrim says the country has achieved much that it can be proud of during the last nine years in areas such as education, tourism, housing and health among others.

In a statement released yesterday marking four years since the Party started its second term in office, Pilgrim said they have delivered on much in respect of the build out of education both in terms of the infrastructure, seen in work done at The Lodge School and the construction of the Blackman/Gollop Primary, and the Maria Holder Nursery Schools; and the instructional programmes, with new degree courses of study introduced at the Barbados Community College and the expansion of the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College. He also referred to the tourism industry, in which he said Government has been able to not only boost tourist arrivals, setting new records, but attracted investment including the Wyndham brand and the recently approved Hyatt.

“We delivered much in agriculture and water as many Barbadians will have uninterrupted access with the new water mains. We delivered much in health as we delivered a spanking new Polyclinic in St John. We delivered much in public finance as we have kept our dollar parity. We delivered much in culture as we created the Cultural Industries Bill. We delivered much in energy as we pushed policy to make Barbados less crude oil dependent,” he said.

But, Pilgrim maintained that even in the face of all that, they cannot take their eye off the goal post as there is still much more to do. His comments came as he took the opportunity to express the party’s gratitude to all Barbadians who have ensured that the journey of the last few years was possible.

“Over the nine years, we have seen many developments locally, regionally and internationally. Yet, the party has stayed the course and sought to secure a better Barbados for all. This occasion presents an opportunity for members and supporters to reflect on our policy success. The Democratic Labour Party has much to be proud of as a government,” he maintained.

Reflecting on their adversaries, Pilgrim said it is imperative that they do not allow the party to be defined by those opponents. The General Secretary said that while the DLP accepts that their policy agenda will be criticised, they are cognisant that there will also be “criticisms without cause too”; but he charged that this “strategy of slash and burn” has never been one that the DLP has subscribed to.

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