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Street view of the current Blue Horizon Development.

Developers clear the air

Given the many misconceptions floating across social media platforms regarding the proposed redevelopment of Blue Horizon Hotel, developers of Blue Tourism Inc. have set out to give some clarity.

Speaking during the press conference that took place at G & A Communications yesterday morning, Philip Tempro, Managing Director of Blue Tourism Inc. stated that they believed it was important to clear the air on the proposed redevelopment of the Blue Horizon Hotel.

Understanding the need for residents in the area to have some clarity on the proposed project, he revealed that they planned to host a Town Hall meeting at the Accra Beach Hotel on July 18, 2019, for them to attend and have all their questions answered.

“We are concerned about the miscommunication happening and the misconceptions and we feel that it is important for the public, and the residents in the area to be very clear and have clarity on what is being done,” he said.

He revealed that it was their hope to start the redevelopment process August 2019, and finish it in time for the tourist season in 2021.

He reported that during the proposed 16 month building period, 350 jobs will be generated in the construction period and following the completion of the hotel, 300 jobs will be generated for employees, plus additional jobs in the maintenance and upkeep of the building.
With the redevelopment of the hotel, Tempro noted that they planned to introduce an entire mall service on the bottom floor of the hotel that is open to locals and guests, and the parking issues will also be solved.

“The general economic position of this job is that it is going to bring somewhere around US$10 million to gross domestic product (GDP) a year,” he said.

Mark Hodkinson, Head of Development and Regional Business of Blue Tourism Inc. highlighted that redevelopment of the current property was paramount, given the fact that of the 120 rooms developed, only 50 of them were in use and the rest were obsolete and derelict.

“On the ground floor, what we are going to do is introduce a retail component, generally opened to all the public, and businesses in there will appeal to the guest and local community,” he said.

He added that they were also seeking to elevate the pool deck to accommodate the shopping mall, as well as the new rooms, which when completed will be 177, and introduce a simple beach bar facility on the beach side.

Douglas Luke, Architect and Consultant of Elements Ltd. also added that the project currently met all the requirements necessary; the Town Planning Requirements, Set Back Requirements, Parking Requirements and Statutory Requirements that have been set.
“We have exceeded all the requirements, but permission is still pending,” he said. (CLF)

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