Debushing programme started by Government


Government has started a debushing programme aimed at cleaning up unkempt lots across the island which are posing health hazards to the public.
Word of this came from Minister of Health, John Boyce as he led off the debate yesterday morning in the House of Assembly on a resolution to approve $3,155,344 to supplement the Estimates 2016-2017 to cover the payment for the debushing programme.
“This programme is envisaged in the first instance to take us up to the financial year 2016-2017, March 31st and will be managed by contracted workers to the Ministry of Health – two coordinators, seven supervisors, truckers as we deem necessary and general workers as the programme rolls out,” he said.
Boyce made the comments as he explained that the debushing programme will present opportunities for employment in various areas and be a source of revenue also for small businesses in that field. As such, he added that small businesses that have trucks are invited to contact the Ministry to see how they can assist.
According to Minister Boyce, the programme commenced on December 5, with teams assigned to the Randall Phillips, Maurice Byer and St. Philip Polyclinics; while the Branford Taitt, Eunice Gibson, Winston Scott Polyclinics and the David Thompson Health and Social Services Complex, started on December 7. He indicated that all the facilities have been assigned with between 12 to 16 general workers, as well as supervisors. With that in mind, he said the programme is being undertaken in full cooperation with the Sanitation Service Authority so that the materials moved from the site are only placed at legal dumping sites.
“So Sir, the $3.155 million associated with this debushing programme up to and including the 31st of March, 2017 will be well spent in terms of mitigating the incidence of disease in our country, helping to beautify our country and making sure that while contributing to this useful work, some of our population can also look forward to some level of remuneration that would help to satisfy some of their needs,” he stated. (JRT)

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