Consultations to come about National Heroes Square, says PM

Government plans to have future consultations with members of the public as to how best local heroes will be celebrated in National Heroes Square.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley stated this while addressing the gathering at this City location on Monday for the removal of statue of Lord Horatio Nelson. The statue of the British Vice Admiral, which stood in this Square for over 200 years, has been relocated to Block A, the Garrison.

The historic relocation comes after many appeals by individuals and groups over the years for the symbol of Barbados' colonial past to be removed.

"I ask us to recognise that the Government will embark on further public consultation as to how best we celebrate our heroes in this National Heroes Square. I ask us to recognise that the rebuilding of our Bridgetown is our responsibility, no one else and if we want to assert that we are truly our own people and an independent people, then we have to be prepared to do both the difficult things and the easy things. We have to be prepared to have the difficult conversations and we have to be prepared to celebrate both rights and responsibilities in the forging of this nation."  

Mottley also stated it is important that National Heroes Square going forward be reflective of the country's heroes. 

"We are going to ensure as we did with Independence Square that National Heroes Square must reflect our heroes and that while we accept that the statue of the Vice Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson is an important historic relic, it is not a relic to be placed in the National Heroes Square of a nation that has had to fight for too long to shape its destiny and to forge a positive future for its citizens." (MG)

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