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Rector of the St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church, Reverend Joseph King, delivering his Palm Sunday sermon yesterday.

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Part of the congregation during the service.

Come to Jesus

AS Barbadians joined Christians across the world yesterday in recognising Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week, one local cleric called on his congregation to not only remember the sacrifice Jesus made, but in so doing, live lives that would be pleasing to Him.

Delivering the sermon yesterday morning at the St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church, Rector, Reverend Joseph King, maintained that Jesus, whose death and resurrection Christians recognise this week, had the qualities of a great leader and great king, and was a leader worth following. His attributes, the Reverend said, are ones that no earthly leader can claim.

“Very often when leaders are smart, very often when leaders are powerful, they take advantage of those qualities and they don’t do things for the benefit of the people; they would do things for their own benefit. Very seldom people will benefit from their knowledge, from their wisdom, from their experience, from their expertise,” he said.

He added, “You remember Saddam Hussein from Iraq; Muammar Gaddafi – Libya; Adolf Hitler – Germany; Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier – Haiti … just to name a few of those powerful leaders who took advantage of the people. These leaders were all smart, they were all powerful, but they lacked one thing – they lacked humility. They never really cared about the people. A good leader, a great king is always caring, is always humble and Jesus was caring and humble.”

Reflecting then on Jesus’ life, Rev. King maintained that He wants to serve us. He explained however that that does not mean things will go our way, we will not get sick, not have bills to pay or we will not encounter difficulties, but the Reverend said things will go the way God intended them to go. Making a call for persons to embrace Christianity, he said it is important that we are grounded in faith and depend on God.

“We depend on him to give us rest from worrying about health issues; the gospel tells us that He will give us the strength we need… We depend on Him because He gives us rest from the fear about what might happen to our children, for He promises to watch over them,” King stated.

He added, “I want you to hand over all those concerns to God this morning. Be confident that the one who has given you life will also provide for you and will give you the strength to go on.”

His comments came as he noted that Christianity is not a religion that runs your life, but one that helps your life run more smoothly and “keeps you plugged into the promises of God”. With that in mind, he encouraged the congregation to use the time this Holy Week to reflect on what it cost Jesus to go to the cross for us and to live our lives as He would want us to. (JRT)

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