The best local rums are showcased in the recently launched Colony Club Rum Vault in St. James, Barbados.

Colony Club Hotel’s Rum Vault gives guests a unique experience

With aromatic rums, delicious Barbadian inspired cuisine, an intimate setting, local crafted furniture and nostalgic black and white photographs, the Colony Club Hotel’s Rum Vault will give visitors a unique experience.

Director of Operations of the Elegant Hotels Barbados, Gayle Talma explained that this year marked Colony Club’s 70th anniversary and the Rum Vault was launched during this milestone. She added that Colony Club is one of the oldest hotels operating in Barbados and has a rich history which makes it suited for the establishment of Rum Vault.

According to Director of Operations, the Rum Vault which is located near the reception area was once a library and a business centre. However, as business changed, the hotel has adjusted.

“As you know hotels move on. The business centre one time would be full of people on their computer but now everybody is on their phones. As things changed, we changed and we have to look for new things to give our guests so we took this space and converted it into a rum vault,” said Talma.

During the media launch on Monday, Talma explained that the Rum Vault has 150 rums and the hotel worked with some of the rum refineries in Barbados, including R L Seale and Mount Gay Distilleries and global rum ambassador Ian Burrell. She noted that Burrell assisted the hotel with created a rum list that is not only in Barbados but global.

A vast selection of rum
Talma highlighted that in the vault guests will have an opportunity to learn about rum from Barbados, Jamaica, St. Lucia and other neighbouring islands, Central and South America as well as destinations like Australia, Mauritius, Fiji and Japan.

The Hotel resident Rum Ambassador and 2018’s Barbados Bartender of the Year, Shane McClean gave a brief presentation on some of Barbados best rums and created a special cocktail. He will work with another resident Rum Ambassador, Corey Sobers. With a specific emphasis on the experience in the Rum Vault, the hotel has created a schedule of events for their guests. These include Storied Rum Dinner on Fridays, Kill Devil Vault Tapas on Saturdays, Tales from the Vault on Mondays and Rum and Chocolate Pairing on Wednesdays. Additionally, the hotel will have rum tasting flights available during Vault opening hours.

During the event, members of the media got an opportunity to sample some of the dishes on the Rum Vault menus which included golden apple infused pork belly and scotch bonnet chocolate. Vault Chef at Colony Club, Wayne Maynard told the media that the dishes served in the vault are made with local and Caribbean flavours which are paired with rum.

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