Although this classic vehicle has a rustic finish, it was impressive to see what was under the hood.

Exhibitors were excited to be a part of the Retro and Classic Car display and brought out their vehicles in the numbers.

Club holds first classic car exhibition of the year


Retro and Classic Cars Barbados is a car-enthusiast club that has 50-60 members with a special focus on vehicles between 1970 and 1995. Yesterday, thanks to Carter’s Pit-stop and Sagicor General Insurance Inc, the club was able to begin its first car show for the year. 
This is the 3rd year in which the club has hosted these shows and as is the norm, one or two is expected to follow to fulfill their yearly quota.
In speaking to Robert Gill, Vice President of Retro and Classic Cars Barbados, the usual commendable turnout that has been observed over the years was expected – and so was the case. The Goddard building at Haggat Hall saw the car exhibitors parking their machines early, leaving the car enthusiasts nothing short of satisfied and impressed when they examined the vehicles. As the crowd thickened, the expected 60-70 cars were on display, each carrying one unique feature or another. 
In addition, Roger Spencer, Assistant Vice President in marketing at Sagicor, stated that their involvement in the car shows started last year at a pre-1970 car show in Content, St. Thomas. Spencer noted that while some insurance companies may be hesitant in insuring these classic vehicles, Sagicor is already putting plans in place to create a policy for them. Stressing that it is a priority to insure these vehicles, Spencer revealed that the point of scrutiny should be at the drivers and not the age of the vehicle.
As the day progressed, classic cars such as the Morris Minor, Hyundai Excel, Hyundai Stellar and the Volkswagen Beetle were all on the scene and appeared to be the perfect mix in the potpourri of mingling, music dated in this era and fine Sunday afternoon weather. While the time, date and place of the next car show are not yet known, it is one that is highly anticipated by all.

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