Cleric calls for unity

BARBADOS is becoming more of an impatient and intolerant society, and a local cleric is adamant that steps must be taken to thwart this movement.

General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Holiness Church, Reverend Dr. Joel Cumberbatch, voiced his concern about this development as he delivered the sermon during the annual May Day Thanksgiving Service.

The service, which was held on Sunday evening at Solidarity House, was attended by Governor General, Sir Elliott Belgrave and Lady Belgrave, several Members of Parliament and the Senate, union leaders and leaders in the private sector.

“More and more we have to learn the art of mastering and controlling our anger, we have to learn to forbear, we have to learn to be forgiving and embracing…

“I have always made the point that it is the mature person and the mature perspective that says to you, ‘I do not agree with your position, but we can still be friends’. That happens at all spheres of operations. We see it in the Senate and in Parliament – that is the nature of our democracy,” the reverend noted.

Meanwhile, referring to the economic and social factors that are faced by this country, the region, and the wider world, he warned that if not relevantly addressed, they can undermine the quality of life of the people.

With that in mind, he said it is imperative that Barbadians commit themselves to pray for our leaders at all levels and the country, so that this country can rise and fulfil its mandate.

“I think Barbados is the best country ever… and I know that each one of us must say to ourselves what that President said – think not just of what your country can do for you, but we must think of what we can do for our country, to make our country great, to cause us to rise above the challenges that we face,” Rev. Cumberbatch said.

To that end, he maintained that this country is too small to “get bogged down” by the divide often created through political parties, to the extent that “we don’t talk as family”.

He stressed that whether a member of the Barbados Labour Party or the Democratic Labour Party, we are first and foremost Barbadians. (JRT)

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