Clarke grateful for community’s hard work


St. George North Constituency Representative Gline Clarke has revealed that he is proud of the hard work that the St. George community has put in to making sure that the parish, more specifically the Charles Rowe Bridge area, is kept clean. 
These praises came on Friday, as Government went to Parliament seeking approval for $3.1 million, for its annual de-bushing programme. 
“You’ll see the folks that are in Charles Rowe Bridge have not only cleaned up the area nice, but have painted it without Government assistance. They went out, they bought the rakes, hoses and cleaned up that environment. I want to thank that community,” he said.
Clarke explained that the wall by Charles Rowe Bridge, St. George was erected seven years as a gift to the community from C.O. Williams without Government finances, because it was realised that the lands washed into the streets after rainfall. He commended the company and went on to formally recognise the efforts of the people of the St. George community to keep the area clean, explaining that every weekend you can pass there and see persons cleaning up.
He called for persons of all communities across the island to take greater interest in their community and encouraged them to take it upon themselves to get out and clean their surroundings, ensuring that their community is the best. 
He went on to recall that in the past there were Christmas competitions in St. John and St. Philip and a lighting competition at one time that involved the community and encouraged them to clean up their surroundings. Clarke expressed that he believed that Barbados should have been grateful for these competitions, because this seemed to be the reason that Barbadians cleaned their surroundings, adding that he thinks that the Government and private sectors need to get involved in some of these things once more. 
Acknowledging that a lot of visiting locals and tourists grace the island, he called for more to be done to ensure that the island is properly cleaned for when they visit. (CLF)

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