DLP General Secretary, George Pilgrim; DLP candidate for The City, Henderson Williams and Member of Parliament for St. Michael West Central, James Paul.


DLP candidate commits to further beautification effort

Communities within Bridgetown are looking a little brighter as the clean-up initiative spearheaded by Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidate for The City, Henderson Williams, has been ongoing.

Speaking to the media yesterday following that day’s activity, Williams said a clean-up of “somewhere around 30 to 40 per cent” of the constituency has been done thus far. He identified areas such as the Orleans, Emmerton Lane, Mason Hall Street, Reid Street and Kensington New Road as locations that have been cleaned.
He spoke of further plans to continue with the effort.

“We have new public sector partners coming on board to assist us with the clean-up. So we will continue in another two weeks in another area in The City and certainly that is really the genesis of our beautification effort in The City. We are going to be communicating with the schools, with the churches and other community-minded bodies in terms of how we are going to make The City a model for everyone to follow,” he stated.

Williams told the media that through the initiative, he has also used the opportunity to connect with members of the constituency and has received “a favourable response” from individuals. He additionally shared that the clean-up project forms part of a wider model which he is using called, “a constituency partnership”.
Explaining how it works he said, “We will be looking to get feedback from all of the residents, work with them to ensure that we have an implementation schedule and an agreement with them, to ensure that we stay on track with the things that we say to them that we are going to do.”

Commending Williams, General Secretary of the DLP, George Pilgrim, who was present at Tastees Restaurant for yesterday’s press briefing said, “What I want to do is congratulate Henderson Williams on his initiative, what he refers to as the constituency partnership model of governance in this constituency and it means that he is obviously interpreted what is wrong and what is needed in this consistency and I laud him for the new model.”

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