THE youth of the country needs the light of the church shining upon them now more than ever.

This declaration came from the Rector of the St. George Parish Church, Father John Rogers, who told his congregation during yesterday’s service that, sadly, he will be burying 21-year-old Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne of Lakes Close, Eden Lodge, St. Michael, who was killed, allegedly at the hands of another young man, in a few days’ time.

He said twenty-three-year-old Shawayne Dashawn Williams, of Whitehall #1, being arrested and formally charged with Alleyne’s murder, is an example of the lost youth of the nation needing guidance.

“There are many young men out there who are lost, many out there who are in darkness, we cannot continue this way,” he said.

Father Rogers preached that while the recommendation of one contributor to a call-in programme to get rid of an entire generation is the answer to curing society of its ills is quite impossible, the church must become more involved in the lives of the people.

He said this would not be a new task for the Anglican Church which built the nation. Rogers called on the congregation to continue to be agents of light for those still existing in darkness.

“Now, we must become involved again, in a very big way. Now we must give of our time, our talent and our treasure to ensure that those children who are falling through the cracks in our society can be rescued, so that they can be enlightened, so that they can be provided with the skills necessary to help them to take their place as citizens in our country. I want to encourage us all to participate in whatever is happening,” he said.

“When you hear that our people are having a programme, or they are putting on a concert, come out and support them. Arise and let your light shine forth so that we may brighten the dark corners of our community,” Father Rogers added. (AH)

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