As part of its Easter Sunday Service yesterday, these little children and some guardians paraded in their bonnets in a procession at the St. George Parish Church.

Christians must study the Word of God


Each Book of Gospel in the New Testament tells a unique account of the resurrection of Jesus. However, to Rev. John Rogers of St. George Parish Church, St. Luke’s account is extra special.
This is so because in the Gospel of Luke, the resurrection is not perceived as the physical; but as a deep knowledge of the ways of Christ. Rev. Rogers explained that this deep knowledge is seen where there are some ways of Jesus that are only recorded there. Thus, Rev. Rogers concluded that the resurrection is a summation of everything Jesus taught. 
However, to arrive at this sum, Rev Rogers charges that there is “working” to be done. “The Risen Christ may be all around us but if we don’t know the word of God, thereby doing the work, we will not recognize him,” he stated.
Moreover, the Reverend stated that often times we find ourselves like the women who went looking for Jesus after he was resurrected; which leaves us to ask ourselves the very thing that the Angel asked them, “Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” Given this, Rogers stated that as Christians, we need to be vigilant, putting the word of God at the forefront.
Rev. Rogers continued to say that many who have heard the word of God repeatedly and due to the ways of the world decides that it is not for them have not acknowledged the risen Saviour in their lives and therefore are seeking the living among the dead. Likewise, some persons who may be suffering and have given thinking that it is their lot in life may have also sought the living among the dead.
This then leads to the duty of Christians which is to help lost souls to recognize the Risen Saviour, this Easter Sunday and beyond. Rogers challenged that Christians be lights in their communities, especially in the dark places.
In essence, he asked that Christians toil at the sacred text so that everyone may have the Word of God planted that they may feel and know the Risen Christ.

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