Changes coming to NEB

RECOMMENDATIONS for the strengthening, restructuring and proposed re-branding of the National Employment Bureau (NEB), are currently before the Cabinet.

The strengthening of the NEB counsellors and the Schools’ Guidance Counsellors, according to Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Senator Dr. the Hon. Esther Byer-Suckoo, will ensure that career counselling plays a key role in guiding Barbadians in selecting the most appropriate jobs.

“This is a very important area, and one that I am particularly excited about, because there are still too many people who are just looking for work and they don’t have any skills or training, or the training they have is not relevant to the work they are looking for... So it is very important that from in school, and then even after that, we have access to good guidance counselling.”

She also informed the Human Resource Development (HRD) Strategy – Media Forum yesterday that the upgrading of the Barbados Standard Occupational Classification (BARSOC) will result in the availability of relevant and timely information on job classifications to employers, educational institutions and the general public.

“In this pillar, there was also a focus on “at risk” youth through the Endless Possibilities programme under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, and on sensitisation of the public to the needs of persons with disabilities.

Knowledge Management System
“The vision of the HRD Strategy is to create a HRD system that is efficient, well-coordinated, effective, knowledge-led and demand-driven – responsive to global conditions and Barbadian aspirations. Our aim is to foster an enabling environment in which lifelong learning is facilitated, and career counselling is available not only in our schools, but for persons interested in changing careers, those seeking to advance in micro, small and medium enterprises, so that Barbadians may become more self-reliant,” she said.

The Senator also acknowledged that as Barbados moves to become more competitive, timely access to relevant knowledge and information will be critical. She revealed that a Knowledge Management System (KMS) for Barbados is underway.

“This national system will result in the easy exchange of information, ideas, processes and best practices, resulting in improved efficiency and improved collaboration. The Ministry of the Civil Service has advanced the implementation of Government’s Wide Area Network (WAN) and E-Government Master Plan Projects. Funds were also provided to support the much anticipated Modernisation of the National Library Service – a key component in developing a National knowledge management system.” (TL)

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