Change dynamics of crime investigation

It is important to change the way in which crime investigation is carried out in Barbados.

This comment was made by Assistant Commissioner of Police i/c Crime, Royal Barbados Police Force, Eucklyn Thompson, as he delivered the featured address during the closing ceremony of the Basic Criminal Investigation Training Course, which took place at the Regional Training Centre on Friday evening.

Proudly noting that the RBPF has recognised the need to prepare all members of the force to meet the challenges in law enforcement in contemporary Barbados, the Assistant Commissioner however believes that in order for law enforcement strategists and planners to stay current and to maintain some distance ahead of the criminal world, training in concomitant concepts and methods must be applied to strengthen those tried and tested methods of foot and mobile patrols, surveillance, street stops and searches, especially as it relates to known offenders.

“For a long time, our main concern in the crime-fighting environment centered around matters of deception, frauds, forgery and financial enterprise. Today, we are battling organised crime, transnational crime and computer-enabling crime in the world of cyber technology,” he said.

Additionally, he noted that they were also now dealing with the influx of firearms and other contraband items, finding its way into the country.

“All of the above ought to say to you the participants of this Basic Criminal Investigation Course of 2019, that just turning up for duty will not suffice. Your Police High Command will be expecting a more keenly enthusiastic, committed and skilful officer who, in the scheme of things, will be multi-skilled in nature and capable of brining relevant and pertinent ideas to enhance discussion, strategy and work performance,” he said.

He believes that such is necessary as persons involved in crime are not always men on the street, noting that crime and its ills have been a part of our lives from generation to generation, and will probably be a part of it until the end of this age.

As such, he noted that the fight against crime is not for the faint of heart and encouraged police officers of 2019 to be courageous, competent, motivated and committed to their calling.

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