Central Bank governor commends work of FCLE

GOVERNOR of the Central Bank of Barbados, Cleviston Haynes, has assured the Bank’s commitment to being a sponsor of the Frank Collymore Literary Endowment (FCLE).

He was speaking during the FCLE Awards ceremony held in the Frank Collymore Hall on Saturday night, where he commended the work being carried out under the programme.

“The role of Arts in shaping our sense of being has not changed. We are in a different century and indeed just entered the third decade of that century, so we must look to a new generation of writers to carry on this Barbadian literary tradition.

“I was therefore pleased to hear of the Committee’s continued outreach with secondary school students and the Barbados Community College. Working to hone budding writers’ skills early augers well for the future of creative writing in Barbados.”

Governor Haynes said he was also pleased to learn of the significant increase of entrants in this year’s competition, from 44 last year to 70 this year, with judges highlighting an improvement in the editing of submissions.

He told those in attendance, “Writers are unavoidably influenced by the society in which they live and their work – even works of fantasy – reflect this. That is the power of literature. Seeing your culture reflected and celebrated in print is a powerful and validating experience.”

Haynes recalled that despite it being outside the traditional mandate of the Central Bank, the bank under the leadership of former Governor Winston Cox started the FCLE and why all sub-sequent Governors have endorsed it.

“We all believed in the vision of our founding father, Sir Courtney Blackman, that a Central Bank in a small economy must be involved in national building and what is promoting and showing tangible support for an activity that imbues a strong sense of national identity in our citizens, if it is not a form of nation building?

“Having that national identity and the sense of pride it engenders will be critical as we as Barbadians continue to tackle the economic and other challenges our island faces,” he said. (JH)

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