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Executive Director of CARICAD Devon Rowe (left) and Executive Director of CDEMA Ronald Jackson signed a MOU yesterday signalling a strategic partnership between the two agencies.

CDEMA and CARICAD forge strategic partnership


THE Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) has officially forged a strategic partnership with the Caribbean Centre for Development Administration (CARICAD).
A memorandum (MOU) was signed between the two regional agencies yesterday, with the view of bringing about greater institutional strengthening for the delivery of comprehensive disaster management in the region.
Speaking during a brief ceremony at CDEMA’s Lower Estate headquarters, CDEMA’s Executive Director Ronald Jackson explained that in speaking with the new Executive Director Devon Rowe, shared challenges were identified.
These include the need for consistency of governance across the agencies, issues of how member states are engaged, the challenges associated with financing that all regional institutions face and the implications to the provision of services to their common Member States.
Jackson also noted that there is a shared view and understanding that the citizens of the member states must ultimately be able to realise the full benefits of regional integration and value added regional public goods and services.
“Our shared focus on strengthening governance, leadership and a common commitment to sustainable development despite different mandates, CDEMA and CARICAD has seen the need to forge a synergistic relationship based on collaboration. Such collaboration should result in more efficient use in our resources, sustained efforts in key areas of interest, and more impactful service delivery from both institutions,” he explained.
CDEMA’s Deputy Executive Director Elizabeth Riley told the gathering that the MOU fully reflects the philosophy of CDM which recognises the niche role of all institutions and partner in main-streaming disaster risk issues.
The CARICAD head reiterated that this partnership should lead to better utilisation of resources, sustain efforts in key areas and see a more impactful level of service delivery from both agencies. “CARICAD’s mission, governance arrangements, staff capacity, history and experience make us all ideal strategic partner for CDEMA.”
“The staff in the two institutions will in effect be giving of their expertise in some areas outside of their respective parent- organisation’s job descriptions, but not outside of their competencies. Implemen-tation of this MOU also means that we will be clearly demonstrating that our regional institutions are working together,” he said. (JH)

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