Vice-President of Care Isles Inc., Ermine McLawrence speaking during Monday’s donation to the League of Friends.

Care Isles Inc. donates care packages to QEH patients

Patients of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) are set to receive care packages from the New York-based non-profit, Care Isles Inc.

These were donated on Monday by the group and will be distributed by the League of Friends. This presentation was done out front the League of Friends’ Variety Store in the QEH.

Care Isles Inc.’s Vice-President, Ermine McLawrence said the packages consist of toiletries, compression socks, tongue scrubbers and other items to make patients stay at the QEH more comfortable.

She further stated that the non-profit, which was founded by her sister, Claudia McLawrence-Riley, raised the money to purchase the things given through its annual fundraiser event. This year some of the items were also donated by individuals who attended that organisation’s July 4 barbecue.

“[Our] motto is ‘The Heart That Cares’ and it is really to send supplies to the hospitals in the Caribbean to show the patients that we care and to ease their time while they are in the hospital. So to date we have sent care packages to Dominica, to Antigua, to Guyana and now to Barbados through the League of Friends.”

She added, “We are looking at other items we can contribute. We are looking at the needs of the wards to see what we can do in order to be able to help. After all, we are from the Caribbean. Regardless of where we live, we are still from the Caribbean and we are happy to be doing this.”

Immediate Past President of the League of Friends, Jacqueline Brathwaite said that organisation is “always pleased to be able to partner with other organisations in presenting and making donation to the QEH. We appreciate the assistance of this overseas group from Brooklyn who have sent to us a number of care packages which we will distribute to the patients of the QEH.”

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