Call for sixth form at Coleridge & Parry

A CALL is being made for the Coleridge & Parry School to re-enter the ranks of sixth form schools in Barbados.

It was made yesterday during the second day of the Appropriate Bill 2016 debate in the Upper Chamber, by Senator Alwin Adams,who pointed to the accomplishments of the esteemed graduates of St. Peter institution over the years, and their contribution to Barbados’ development.

“The point must be made that the sixth form was taken away, and for some quirk of history, they only remained at the schools where white Englishmen were the head teachers. The time has come that Coleridge and Parry should have back a sixth form.

“As a country school, the extraordinary achievements of Coleridge and Parry have not been sufficiently been recognised,” he lamented.

Sixth form schools on the island include Harrison College; Queen’s College; Combermere; The Lodge School; The St. Michael School; Christ Church Foundation School; Springer Memorial; St. Leonard’s Boys’ and most recently Alexandra.

Integrate agriculture
He stressed that as a “country” school, areas such as agricultural science would fit into the school’s curriculum, rather than purely academics.

“We would not just be a teaching shop. We are a country school, and you find that agriculture and those things at school would be highlighted there, it would not only be an academic shop.”

During his contribution, Senator Adams also pointed to the rise and fall of sugar, and the need to revitalise the industry. He said that there must be an avenue for farmers where they could access capital for growth.

“We need to see a special fund earmarked for agriculture, so that we can have that level of development in this country.”

He also pointed to an initiative of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons, which he said is a move toward food security, and could have spin-off into the cottage industries, which he believes can be significant.

“Nutrition, food security and enhancement of the environment. We want to show and have people appreciate that there is a link between wholesome and nutritious food and non communicable diseases, which are rampant across the country.”

He said not only will this initiative cut down the cost of living, but gives a greater sense of empowerment and cut down the island’s high food bill. (JH)

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