Persons onboard the flight were greeted with an authentic ‘Bajan’ welcome. 

Dionne Ligoure, Head Corporate Communications, CAL.

CAL named official airline of Crop Over

The announcement “Caribbean Airlines will be the official airlines of Crop Over was made by Minister of Tourism and International Transport, Kerrie Symmonds during a press conference following the successful landing of the inaugural direct flight from Jamaica to Barbados on Monday night.

“It is a decision that has been taken after some lengthy discussions with our partners, Caribbean Airlines, and I have been assured by Carol Roberts, that this is just the tip of the iceberg and even better will come. And I am very happy to have the opportunity to make that announcement to you,” he said.

He went on to note that Caribbean Airlines, has had the pleasure of working with Barbados on its own aspect of the marketing campaign, and had a theme called “Caribbean Identity”, which goes a great distance to show the commonality of the region, but also the region’s commitment and dedication to culture and the arts, which Symmonds believed was a very important thing.

“We could not have achieved this landmark without having CAL as a willing partner. The idea of bringing the region closer together for a long time has been at the very forefront of my administration’s priorities,” he said.

“We feel that every step must be taken to help our people to be more in contact with each other, for tourism purposes, cultural purposes, heritage purposes, for entertainment purposes and commerce,” he added.

Head of Corporate Communications at CAL, Dionne Ligoure, also noted that CAL was the official airline and presenting sponsor for Reggae Sunfest, which takes place later this year in Jamaica.

She went on to note that CAL was also seeking to enhance their customer experience through redesigning the website, which was recently launched and was more user friendly, with a Caribbean digital experience, stunning photography and information on all their islands.
Additionally, Ligoure revealed that in the coming weeks, they will also make some announcements around Caribbean vacations and tours.

“We will announce some significant product improvements, like Caribbean notifications, where you will receive information via SMS and email, regarding any updates or changes and flight status,” she said.

“But we are really using the technology to enhance the customer experience for you. There will also be other announcements to be made that will revolutionise your travel experience.”

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