Members of the Barbados Cadet Corps during the march-past at the Whitepark Wesleyan Holiness Church yesterday.

Cadet Corps helping youth face challenges

There are various challenges that are confronting young people and the administration of the Barbados Cadet Corps recognises that these challenges exist and are prepared to help the youth meet and overcome these obstacles.

This is according to Acting Commander of the Barbados Cadet Corps, Major Peter Powlett, who stated that they would be willing to assist not just the young members of their organisation, but all youth in this island.

“As we now retool ourselves to take on the challenges that confront our youth, we recommit to those values that were passed on to us, values that we continue to hold dear. The leadership of the Corps clearly recognises the need for us to further extend a hand to address the negatives within our society by providing assistance to other youth organisations.”

He stated that they also recognise those qualities that go towards building good character and to develop holistic citizens and they would work on ensuring that the young people in this country develop these qualities and characteristics.

“Youth development is our business and today I speak not only for myself but for all officers within the Corps when I say that we stand ready, and we will reach out to ensure that the youth of this country are provided with the tools they need to succeed. We stand committed,” he said.

The Acting Commander added that excellence is always something that they have aimed for and they have already assisted in the development of Cadet Corps in other islands in the region, a sign of their commitment to youth development.

“The Barbados Cadet Corps strives in all endeavours to reflect excellence, which is the motto of the Barbados Defence Force. This guiding principle has heightened the Corps’ visibility not only on these shores, but throughout the region and internationally. The Barbados Cadet Corps has provided assistance to other Cadet Forces in the region such as Dominica, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Tortola, Cayman, British Virgin Islands and St Lucia, to aid in their development and in some cases the formation of new Cadet Forces. We can also be justly proud of our performances during international exchange camps, where our Cadets, without a doubt, exceeded the expectations of our hosts, but in fact we know that they perform to the standard we expect.”

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