Business strong at Sandals

Business has been very strong for Sandals in Barbados. This was the word coming from General Manager of Sandals, Fernand Zievinger.

While speaking to The Barbados Advocate at the USA multi-station remote promotion (20 USA Radio Stations broadcasting live form Barbados) at Sandals Royal, he revealed, “This year we will close with an average occupancy between 85 and 86 percent every day of the year, our slow days have been 81 percent occupancy. Last week we were 100 percent at both resorts. Sandals Royal Barbados has been opened for nine months and since we opened, occupancy has been steady.”

In terms of the industry moving forward, he indicated, “It is very important to make sure that Barbados stays very positive, it is also important that the people of Barbados understand how important tourism is especially the times we are heading into. It is critical that every person is connected. I’m an expat not from here but I have been here three years, but this is my island, this is where work and where my family is. It is important to recognize where we have challenges and we also must ensure that we take action to counter any challenges immediately because that will tell the outside world we are serious and open for business.”

“Everyone needs to be on board. The island needs to be clean, safe and that the people are friendly not only to visitors but to each other. It is not the buildings people come back for, it is the people.”

The General Manager added, “All-inclusive was developed in Jamaica. It went outside of Jamaica, but it is old-fashioned to say that all-inclusive travellers will stay on the resort and not venture out. The all-inclusive traveller has transformed to a traveller that comes and experiences the island, they just want to experience a worry-free vacation and get value for their money, therefore they seek the all-inclusive concept. At the resort you welcome all of the new arrivals and introduce them to Barbados.” (NB)

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