Bushy lots a serious issue

One Member of Parliament is concerned that overgrown lots across the island are providing cover for littering and illegal dumping.

Speaking yesterday morning during a debate on a supplementary for the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification to finance the national clean-up programme that started in January, MP for St. Lucy and Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance, Peter Phillips, said this is definitely a challenge in rural areas in this country.

“Where there is bush, there tends to be a situation where persons dump and dump illegally. I am not talking about in gullies now, on the sides of the roads. I have seen for myself Mr. Chairman where the side of the road is cut, and a particular road in St. Lucy for that matter, and the amount of plastic bags, cups, food trays and so on at the side of the road was really, really horrendous. I was absolutely taken aback,” he said.

Referring then to the clean-up programme, he took the opportunity to commend the persons engaged to do the job of cleaning the various communities and districts across the country, and in particular those in his constituency. He spoke specifically of the area of the Theodore Brancker Roundabout, which he said has been totally transformed through the efforts of those workers, who are employed by the National Conservation Commission (NCC).

“I saw them working in the blazing sun and I stopped to compliment them; I stopped to compliment them and thank them for the work that they have been doing. And they were very appreciative of the fact that the government had given them the opportunity to get some dollars to feed their families and to pay their bills... Whether the work is menial or not, there is somebody that has to do it and do it well,” he added.

Minister Phillips’ comments came as he said that the Ministry of Transport, Works and Maintenance is happy to have a partner in the NCC to keep the country clean.

“It is not just about the clean-up, it is also about beautification – that is important. There was a time, when I was growing up, we had communities that were responsible for their particular areas. I would like to see Mr. Chairman some community groups being formed again or resuscitated where communities come together early on a Saturday morning or a Sunday morning... and clean the entire community – whether it is grass, bush, whatever it maybe. I would love to see those days come back,” he stated.

He said these type of groups would help bring communities together and develop camaraderie among residents.

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