Canon Noel Burke Hospital Chaplain, CEO, Dr. Dexter James, both of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) and Dr. the Honourable John Holder, Bishop of Barbados and Archbishop of the West Indies.

BHL donates to QEH project

By Patricia Thangaraj
Persons who are suffering from illnesses or have family members who are patients at
the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) now have a refurbished place where they can go and seek the spiritual support that they need.

This is thanks to the Heritage, Environment, Learning and People (HELP) Programme of Banks Holdings Limited (BHL) that has donated 20 thousand dollars towards this initiative.

Delivering remarks at the recommissioning of the chapel of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, at the hospital yesterday, the Manager of Corporate Affairs at BHL Group of Companies, Sophia Cambridge, said that many studies have showed that spirituality plays a major role in the overall health and well-being of persons.

One such study that she highlighted was that by Consultant Psychologist, Dr. Deborah Cornah, published by the Mental Health Foundation.

“A 2006 report by Consultant Psychologist, Dr. Deborah Cornah published by the Mental Health Foundation of the United Kingdom concludes that some expressions of spirituality are often helpful to patients coping with various mental and physical disorders. The research showed that expressions of spirituality which encourage personal empowerment and promote the importance of emotions such as hope, forgiveness and life’s purpose, have a positive effect on patients battling life-threatening diseases.”

Cambridge stated that other studies have shown that persons suffering from various illnesses are able to cope more effectively because of their faith.

“Other studies show that patients who consider themselves to be spiritual may utilise their beliefs in coping with illness, pain and life stresses in general. The report highlighted the example of patients with advanced stages of cancer, who found comfort from their religious and spiritual beliefs were more satisfied with their lives, were happier and had less pain than those who did not.”

The same holds true for family members of patients, she said. “Coming out of this research and other observational studies, the general consensus seems to be one of cautious optimism about the role spirituality can play in promotion and maintaining good mental and physical health. Beyond the research, we are all aware that anyone who’s been by the side of a loved one during an illness can testify to the debilitating impact which disease often has, not on the physical body of the patient alone, but also on the minds and spirits of their loved ones who care for them.”

The BHL Manager of Corporate Affairs stated that this is why the BHL was so pleased to be a part of this refurbishment project.

“The BHL Group’s grant of 20 thousand dollars over two years has done more than we could have hoped. The funds have helped to replace the lighting, repair the roof, install additional air conditioning units and new windows as well as to
install some additional features intended to make the Chapel more comforting and welcoming for all members of the society.”

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