Best: Each child is unique


Summer School for Primary School Students came to a close yesterday morning with a closing ceremony at Solidarity House. Under the theme, “Footsteps to 50”. The students showcased many of the skills that they had acquired in their time at the camp, while going through a rigorous programme to help develop their academic skills. Displays of martial arts, dance, arts and craft, and song, occupied the attention of parents and teachers as the students were assembled for the last time.
Nevertheless, this was not all that the teachers and parents of the students had to take in. Chief Education Officer at the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Karen Best, in delivering her featured address, emphasised to all that each child is unique, and that it is in this such way, that they were treated throughout the course of the programme. Best, went on to say that the programme began in the 1990s as a call to the unique needs of students. Furthermore, she informed that it fits perfectly into the mantra of the Ministry which is, “Each one matters.”
Turning her attention to the teachers and principals in the room, she asserted, that it is especially the principals that are responsible for every child within their schools. She said, it is their duty to create enabling environments, full of instrumental leaders, repeated testing, and developed educational plans, so that the needs of each child is met. 
Moreover, she asked that the same cutting edge strategies that are utilised within Summer School be continued into the regular school year.
Parents too were given some advice from Best. She implored parents to go beyond the call of providing food, clothing and shelter for their children and to instill values and set high standards for them. 
She told them that it is important that they be partners in the child’s learning process. 
They were further told that they ought to be aware of the children’s emotional and psychological state and offer support where necessary. Leading on from that, the chief Executive Officer admonished parents to seek help from counsellors when recommended by teaching staff – as many parents are often in denial. 
Nevertheless, above all, she asked that both parents and students alike put God in the equation. Best asserted that it is only through “Him” that things are possible and too often “He” is forgotten.
As she wished the students the very best for the upcoming school year, she asked that they all remember and reflect on the Summer School theme.

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