Governor General, Her Excellency Dame Sandra Mason, taking in the parade which followed the Multi-Faith Observance for Commonwealth Day 2018 held at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday.

The parading of the flags of the 54 countries in the Commonwealth from the St. Patrick’s Cathedral to Parliament after the Multi-Faith Observance for Commonwealth Day 2018.


Rev. Rogers: Gains can be lost if not careful

IF persons are not careful, then the gains that nations have made so far to bring about a sense of equality among various ethnicities and groups can be eroded as nationalism seeks to rear its ugly head once again.

So states Rector of the St. George Parish Church, Reverend John Rogers, who delivered remarks yesterday at the Multi-Faith Observance for Commonwealth Day 2018 held at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

He stated that he brought this up not to bring back bad memories of the past, but to let persons take note that as we observe the significant 150th milestone of the Commonwealth that we need to be more cautious as to how we are going to move forward.

“Of equal importance is another challenge facing the Royal Commonwealth Society and its mission in the world. We observe this 150th anniversary just one century after the First World War, the aftermath of which set into motion a series of events that would lead to some of the greatest atrocities in human history – the rule and actions of the National Socialist Party in Germany. I have highlighted this not to rehash painful experiences of the past, but to implore us to be more vigilant in the present.”

The Rector stated that if we are not careful, then the ideologies of racism, xenophobia and other biases would once again dominate societies.

“The first two decades of the 21st century have seen the emergence of a wave of nationalism across the world. Some of these movements have unearthed ideologies, rhetoric and slogans that were believed to have been long expunged from the world’s vocabulary and psyche – ‘Blut und Boden’ … ‘Blood and Soil’. It is unthinkable that the air can again be polluted with the foul vitriol of nationalism and the subsidiary ideas that accompany it: xenophobia, racism and prejudices of every kind... Such ideologies have even emerged in nations that would have us perceive them as leaders of the world.”

He added that this goes against everything that the Commonwealth stands for and it is with this in mind that he called on the Royal Commonwealth Society to teach the young people about acceptance and diversity, among other things.

“The current wave of nationalism sweeping across our world goes against the very grain of everything the Commonwealth embodies and threatens to erode the gains it has made. It is imperative therefore, that the Royal Commonwealth Society throughout the world becomes even more resolute in its endeavours and more fervent in its mission to educate the young people of the Commonwealth. Teach the ideals of the Commonwealth until this earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.”

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