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Barbadians and visitors alike utilising the nation’s roads this Crop Over weekend are being urged to exercise the utmost caution when doing so.
That appeal is coming from the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA), which is calling on persons to enjoy the Crop Over Season safely and responsibly. President Sharmane Roland-Bowen, in a recently released statement, said that while many persons will be taking the opportunity to drink alcohol, speed and drive while fatigued, these practices are discouraged as they can have deadly consequences for the drivers, their passengers and other road users.
“The Barbados Road Safety Association is reiterating the message of ‘caution ahead’ to all persons who will be using our roads during this time. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when sleepy can be deadly. You can be killed or seriously injured or kill someone by this irresponsible action. Don’t drink indiscriminately to keep up with or impress friends, only to have to drive home after,” she warned.
Roland-Bowen added, “Let us all think before we drink, think of the consequences of our actions. Think about getting back home safely to our families who need us, and allow others to do so safely.”
The road safety advocate is advising persons who do intend to consume alcoholic beverages to have a designated driver or arrange alternate transportation to events and to return home afterwards. Moreover, she is telling persons to know their alcohol limit and is suggesting that they pace their drinks, having no more than one every hour. At the same time, the BRSA president noted that alcohol impairs long before a person is feeling drunk and so it is imperative that persons are aware of that fact. 
However, the Road Safety Association president is not only issuing a word of caution to motorists, but pedestrians as well. In addition to advising them to wear conspicuous colours so that they can be easily seen at night, she is urging them not to consume alcohol and traverse the roads. Contending that intoxicated pedestrians present a serious hazard on the road, she is appealing to pedestrians who intend to drink, to stay off the road until they are sober.
“The Barbados Road Safety Association also wants to advise persons not engaging in Crop Over activities or driving impaired that they also need to exercise extra care as the risk to safety will be increased at this time. Watch out for and be wary of all other road users and expect them to make driving errors. Be ready to compensate for their errors if they do, including pedestrians. You must be prepared,” she maintained.

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