Executive Director of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) Meshia Clarke.

Barbados first in region to develop ‘roadmap’

Barbados will become the first Caribbean country to develop an Integrated Climate Risk Management (ICRM) Roadmap for its Renewable Energy Sector.

This is being made possible through the funding support of the German International Development Corporation (GIZ) and the Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII).
Word of this came from Executive Director of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA), Meshia Clarke, while addressing the opening of the ICRM Roadmap Workshop, held at Courtyard by Marriott, yesterday.

“…Our country’s development agenda towards a 100% renewable energy and carbon neutral island state is an important one which is also premised on climate resilience. The ICRM Project is therefore critical and timely, at this juncture of our country’s development as we forge ahead towards complete energy transformation.”

The development of the ICRM Roadmap for the country’s Renewable Energy Sector, according to Clarke, is an important development has it signals the sector’s and the country’s recognition of the importance of disaster risk management.

Moreover, she revealed that the Roadmap is being developed as they work collaboratively with the Government of Barbados towards the creation of an informed Energy Implementation Strategy.

The workshop therefore sought to share with participants, firstly the objectives of the ICRM approach; secondly the goals and objectives of the Roadmap; and most importantly gather the necessary inputs on the way forward and the additional details and priorities which should be included.

BREA’s Executive Director also recognised the role of the Project Steering Committee Members which include; the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment, the General Insurance Association of Barbados and the Department of Emergency Management.

“Building on this cohesive and collaboration approach BREA and the members of the Project Steering Committee will meet with the respective Ministers in the areas of Energy, Environment and Economic Affairs to discuss the work undertaken this far and the way forward. Recognising that Roadmap without clear ownership and priority does not serve in the best interest of the sector and Barbados going forward,” Clarke said.

Eike Behre of GIZ, Advancing Climate Risk Insurance plus (ACRI+) revealed that the project aims to support investments and deployment in the Renewable Energy Sector and ensure that existing and future energy generation, transmission and distribution is resilient against extreme-weather events, such as hurricanes, using an integrated climate risk management approach.

He further outlined that the purpose of the Roadmap for Renewable Energy focuses on Solar PV, and is intended to work towards the 2030 target for Renewable Energy; provide guidance and specific implementation actions to policymakers and stakeholders involved in the deployment and scale-up of Barbados’ renewable energy sector; and an analysis of gaps and recommended actions in relation to the elements of the ICRM Cycle – Finance & Risk Transfer, Prevention, Recovery, Response and Preparedness. (TL)

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