President of the Barbados Road Safety Association, Sharmane Roland-Bowen protesting outside the Rum Distillery.

Another call for breathalyser testing

A fresh appeal for government to enact legislation to introduce breathalyser testing in Barbados is being made by President of the Barbados Road Safety Association.

Sharmane Roland-Bowen told the media that having such laws in place would not only assist in protecting the lives of locals, but individuals visiting these shores.

“Our tourists, we are speaking up for them. They come to Barbados, they enjoy our sea, sun and rum, yet we are not providing safe roads for them to travel on because we have no breathalyser. We have no legislation to govern or to deter persons from getting behind that wheel after they have been drinking. Our tourists and our visitors’ lives are in danger. If you want them to come here, which we know is a main money earner, we need to protect them.”

Highlighting one mode of transportation used by the public, Roland-Bowen shared that her Association has received calls from “persons telling us they were in vehicles with taxi persons and they were under the influence”. She stated that breathalyser testing would assist in curbing this behaviour.

“We would need that to stop and one way we can stop that is by having laws and legislation that will curtail that; ban these people!

“You know [if] they would have the possibility that they would be stopped and checked, they would desist from this practice,” she argued.

Roland-Bowen spoke at yesterday’s launch of the Association’s “Stand Up for Safety On Our Roads Campaign”. This occasion was also a peaceful protest speaking out against underage drinking and the Association’s concerns about the Barbados Sugar and Rum Season. The protest was done near the Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park in St. Philip.

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