Alleyne gives back to St. Philip community

THE community of Eastbourne, St. Philip received a blessing yesterday when they were presented with food hampers by a son of the soil, Simon Alleyne.
Alleyne, who braved the threatening rain, distributed the hampers to 20 families within the area. The Second Vice President of the Democratic Labour Party and political hopeful for St. Philip North explained that he cared for the community, which was close to his heart and understood the importance of taking care of those in need.
Known for his role in the comedic duo of Rum & Koke, Alleyne explained that the voluntary gesture was just a representation of how much he cared for his community in St. Philip North.
“COVID-19 has affected a lot of families financially, where there are a number of persons who would have been the main breadwinners, but are no longer working. So it is important now at this time that we are
able to offer some assistance,” he explained.
Alleyne made the point that some people in need may not ask for helpand that was what he realised after speaking to members of thecommunity as he went around. He pointed out that it was particularly
difficult for single mothers, who were now at home and had troubleproviding for children who were out of school and at home full time,
snacking and eating consistently, while playing games or even duringonline classes.
“I want to inspire other Barbadians, wherever you are. Those who areof the diaspora, if you can send funds or at least assist persons herein Barbados, we would love that. To those already on the ground doing
work in communities, I salute you,” said Alleyne.
The DLP representative also saluted and lauded the efforts of allfrontline workers who were making the sacrifice to battle COVID-19. He
stated that he wished to see Barbados back up and running in the new
normal, practising the health protocols of physical distancing whilegoing about their business and also wearing their personal protectiveequipment.
The hampers contained the equivalent of two weeks’ supply of food foreach family and contained items such as rice, macaroni, apples,oranges and various canned foods. Jaime Best and Cecily Straughn were
two of the members of the community who received hampers from Alleyne.
Best was thankful for the timely aid and gave God thanks for providingfor her family. She also stated that she wished to see more personshelp those in need as Alleyne was doing.
“I would love to see that happen. He seems a good person and I thinkthat more people out there can come and serve the community just like
how he does to help, because there are people out here that are reallyin need, that are not working just like me. So I think what he isdoing right now is a blessing,” said Best.
Alleyne also encouraged the public to step up and help where theycould, asking them to contact him via Facebook if they wished to
contribute, and that even if it was a box of biscuits or tinned food,it would go a long way to help others. (AS)

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