Archbishop of West Indies & Bishop of Barbados, The Most Reverend & The Hon Dr. John Holder.

All must be treated equally

Some churches are being accused of misusing and misinterpreting the Bible as it relates to how they treat the issue of homosexuality in Barbados.

Dr John Holder said the position of the Anglican Church in the Caribbean is that every human being must be treated equally, and indicated that an individual’s sexual orientation does not deny their status as a child of God.

He said churches speaking out against homosexuality seem to be misreading and misinterpreting the Bible, which clearly outlines that all human beings are accepted by God.

“I think it is sad when persons get up as Christians and ridicule another human being and give the impression that they are children of the devil and not children of God. That is out for us as Anglicans, we don’t do that,” he said.

“Our clear position is that every human being in this world is a child of God and whatever… their opinions or their orientations, our role is to support them. If we think they are going wrong, our role is to redirect them, but not condemn them,” Bishop Holder added.

He noted that overall, Barbados has been a tolerant society as it relates to how it treats those with different opinions and sexual orientations.

“So much so, that we have been ridiculed by the other countries in the region and we were given several names along the way. We got to be careful as smaller countries that our agenda is not set elsewhere. My hope and my prayer is that this society will remain a tolerant society and that we will see every human being as a child of God.

“Instead of going after peculiarities, we look at what we have in common and share God’s love and fellowship with all persons, no matter their orientation. The church is here as a servant of God, servant of Christ and we are here to minister to every human being in this world,” the Bishop said.

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