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Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society, James Paul, as he spoke yesterday.

Agrofest 2020 on the horizon

After being kept busy over the 2019 Yuletide season, the gears are turning once again in the Barbados Agricultural Society as they ready themselves for the 2020 edition of Agrofest. Set to run the weekend of February 29 to March 1 in Queen’s Park, the annual festival has aligned itself with the We Gatherin’ initiative and will carry the theme “We Gather We Fruits”.

During a media launch yesterday at Divi Southwinds Resort, it was promised that as always there would be lots to see, do and get involved in as there was something for everyone in this year’s offering. Speaking during his address, Chief Executive Officer of the Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) James Paul said that those in attendance at the end of this month were sure to see some interesting exhibits and products this year as the Society was paying special attention to its outputs.

“I want all of you to understand that this year we are actually looking at our agricultural sector, trying to find out what it is doing and we are very excited about what we are going to present to the patrons at Agrofest,” he said.

Going on to state that sponsors have remained critical to the success of the event since its inception, Paul explained that one of the highlights of the festival would be an expanded livestock showing.

“One of the critical success factors as far as Agrofest is concerned has been the farmers of Barbados. And in that regard, I want to say that this year we expect a very exciting livestock show. One of the things that we are hoping is that Barbadians themselves will get the benefit of actually seeing a lot of the best Barbados Black Belly Sheep on show this year.

We talk about celebrating the animal and this is an opportunity for us to come and see it. We are also expanding in the area of cattle. We are continuing on an annual basis to bring in different breeds of cattle and you’ll have the opportunity when you come to Agrofest to see the variety of breeds that we have in cattle at the show at the same time,” he said, before stating that there was an expansion in rabbit farming as well.

Also new to the show this year are more diverse offerings as it relates to products, with whispers of a local ice-cream made from coconut water being teased. With many young exhibitors making themselves known in the festival, part of the events include seminars for those interested in getting into and improving on their current crafts as well.

With the admission set at $15 and $4 for adults and children respectively from the box-offices and $18 and $6 at the door, the entertainment package is also set to be augmented by a bigger fashion show, exciting nightly themed shows and an after-work lime on the Friday. There will also be watermelon-eating and hot wing-eating competitions.

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