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Rector of the St. George Parish Church, Senator Reverend Dr. John Rogers.

‘Be mindful of your actions’

Call to pray for decision-makers at this time

DURING the period of Lent and as Barbados continues to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, a call is being made for persons to be mindful of how their actions affect others.

The call was made by Rector of the St. George Parish Church Senator Reverend Dr. John Rogers. He was delivering the sermon yesterday morning, recognised as the first Sunday in Lent, when he noted persons are encountering many temptations at this time.

“And is it strange that this Lent comes through the time of this national lockdown? Because that is exactly the reason why we’re here. The reason why we’re here is because some of us – and they use the term ‘us’ – I’m not saying some of you, because I believe everyone in here and everyone who is watching this broadcast today, had some little gathering around Christmas with people who didn’t live in their home. I may be the only one...but all of us dropped the ball at some point. If it wasn’t a gathering at your house, it is something else you went through it but you should not have been.

“We have to confront ourselves with these things. That is what this period is about…

“... So this Lent, this wilderness period, is for us to confront ourselves as individuals, and how our actions may be affecting the others, how our actions may be affecting the nation. And just as we got ourselves here, we can go out of this wilderness stronger. Because one of the things about the wilderness is that though the wild beasts were there, the angels were with Jesus as well.

“Those angels are still here, seeking to wait on us to minister to us at this time, as we tackle our vulnerabilities, as we tackle all weak areas, as we tackle in our own minds.”

He said there are times when a step back must be taken to cherish the things that give the greatest pleasure and to put life into perspective.

Reverend Rogers also remarked that the lockdown forces all of us to sit and look at oneself and examine who we are.

“But remember, you’re not alone, as painful as it is. The angels are always there with the minister. Jesus’ wilderness was not easy, he was hungry, he was conflicted; the angels were there. The angels will be there for us as well.”

He encouraged the congregation to pray for politicians and leaders at this time.

“Here at home and throughout the world, we have seen politicians at their wit’s end, having to make decisions. Here in Barbados, it has been that thin balance, that balance between lives and livelihoods, which decisions should I make. It is often said that when a politician sits at the table, he has two decisions to make. There’s the political decision, and then there’s the one he ought to make. And the two are not usually the same.

“And that has been the challenge for politicians throughout the world in the midst of this pandemic. I believe that we can say here in Barbados, that we give thanks to God that we have always had astute leadership for all the years. And at this time in this crisis, it is no different. And we give thanks to God for that. Yes, people will always have something to say, they’ll always be a negative thing to say, there will always be some criticism, that is life. Jesus encountered this during his lifetime, as well, in spite of all the temptation in the wilderness.

“So you will always have that thin line between these decisions. And so we continue to pray for politicians and decision makers throughout the world, especially during this Lenten season, as they go through this wilderness with the many questions that are before us, with the many enticements that are there. If you just do this, you know, you can bring in a little more for the economy…but then everyone complains. And then if you don’t do it, ‘but you could have done it’. That’s the way life is. And so we continue to pray for them at this time.”

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