Use your time wisely

As we all know by now, no matter how much we would like to, we cannot bottle a portion of “time”, as measured in hours and minutes, to be set aside for use at a later date. Neither can a point in time be postponed like an event, only to be rescheduled for a later period.

Time, that non-spatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past, through the present, to the future, is at times fleeting, and taking into account the human developmental life cycle, each day puts us closer to our end than our beginning. Hence why we must seek to make the best use of the time allotted to us here on earth.

It is crucial that we find the best ways of managing our time to ensure that we can balance all of our activities in relation to work, family life and the social arena. How we manage our time can determine how successful we are in all spheres.
Now there are some persons who hold the view that “time is money”. However, some who live by this motto often take it too far, and they often find that in their relentless pursuit of money, they one day wake up and find that their family and social life is in shambles, while the dollars are piled high in the bank.

There are others who will say that they’ve got enough time to do this and that and hence they just take it nice and easy. However, this laissez-faire attitude usually turns around to bite them and they too may one day wake up and realise that they have achieved little in this journey called life, on account of living life without a real purpose or mission.

So essentially, it is up to individuals to analyse their situation and really determine how they can make a better effort of spending their time wisely, to get maximum results in all the areas of concern.

Author Kelly Grace, in an article entitled “Striking A Balance”, points out: “Lately, many employers have begun to see the value of their employees having balanced, satisfying lives. So around the country – and around the world – more and more companies are developing work-life balance initiatives to assist their employees with issues like elder care, infant wellness, health and fitness management, and backup child care. But if you’re hoping your workplace will suddenly get deeply invested in helping you become your best, most balanced self, don’t hold your breath”. In the article, it is further noted that “it’s still up to the individual to find balance, define personal values and actively pursue them”. I couldn’t agree more.

Time management specialists will tell you that you can engage in simple strategies to enhance and add balance to your life. These include: getting plenty of sleep, having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Also, have a plan for each day in which you schedule your daily activities, to feel more in control of your life. You can practise prioritising your tasks, so you spend your time and energy on those things that are truly important to you. You must also say a hearty “no” to non-essential tasks to avoid “system overload”, and finally, you must take a much needed break when necessary to ensure better stress management and essentially a renewed outlook on life.

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