More financial literacy programmes coming in the future

BARBADIANS can look forward to more financial literacy programmes in the future thanks to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (ICAB).

ICAB’s President, Lisa Padmore, has promised more on this in the wake of a similar programme she undertook on behalf of the Institute some weeks ago.

She told a recent ACCA function that ICAB sees this as part of its agenda for the next year or two.

Padmore told the seminar she did a recent public lecture on making accounting more common place, in terms of getting more people to understand financial statements. She reported that there was a very decent turn out to that event, and that one of the queries raised during the question and answer segment of the presentation was about CLICO.

According to her, “It is that type of awareness that we want to build in the community around everything we do.

“We all have a role to play in helping our smaller communities. It is about all of us doing more education again, so that people become empowered by knowledge to have conversations that lead to action,” according to the ICAB official.

She said that is what we as a society have to be transformative about.

“We need to stop talking and start doing, and I hope that is something that all of us, as leaders in our various sectors, also see our role as, and especially for us as accountants,” Padmore said.

Stating that Accountants have a wide background and not just a technical skill, the ICAB Official indicated that they have skills across various sectors, and that they need to bring them to play to ensure that societies are more informed.

She spoke at a during a panel discussion which looked at Corporate Governance, held as part of an Employers/Stakeholder Luncheon at the Hilton. Chief Executive Officer of the ACCA, Helen Brand, was among those in attendance. (JB)

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