A Guy’s View: Mosquitoes, vaccines, zika and population control


When Egypt was affected by the ten plagues, mosquitoes were not included among the new challenges they faced. One suspects that there were so many mosquitoes around at that time that a few more would not have been a significant thing.


The question that we should all be asking is how come mosquitoes were “biting” us for thousands of years, but started infecting people with a new disease called zika in 2015?


For many years, European scientists have been telling us that the world was over populated. Not surprisingly, their solution was to find a way to reduce the non-white population of the world. They have been looking for ways to bring about this result ever since.


The one elimination strategy that has worked best in Barbados was family planning. In fact, what I just wrote should have been written in the present tense, for it, family planning, is still working extremely well to control our black population. One former director of that organisation boasted of the great success they have had in reducing the level of child birth in this country. Family planning has been so successful here that were it not for imported persons, we would probably have a declining population.


Consistent with the narrative coming out of the mouths of those foreign powers that set our agenda, our birth control measures have all targeted “poor people”. As it turns out, poor and black go together, not only in Barbados, but everywhere in the world where black people are found, notwithstanding that some do not fit this profile.


No one has noticed that it is only this group, those labelled poor, that sustains the population of any country. The rich and famous are too busy enjoying the finer things of life to be bothered with children. One or two are enough, if any. One or two children per family from among the minority group in a country could never sustain a population.


Capitalism now dominates the world. The essence of the capitalist model is that a few rich people sit on top of the economy while being supported by vast numbers of people at various levels of poverty or near poverty, who have only the hope of achievement. This hope is fuelled by access to work. Neither the rich nor their children do actual work. People work for them. They use a fraction of their resources to pay for this labour, and in doing so, they say that their money is working for them.


A larger than necessary labour force has always been essential to capitalist success. Until now. Increased mechanisation has been reducing the need for labour for a number of years. Owing to modern technology, there is even lesser need now.


Notwithstanding all of its shortcomings, capitalism is great for innovation and still holds the most likely path to a better life for most people who were born in ordinary circumstances. Many Governments tend to ameliorate its worse features but keep it as the foundation of their system of governance. It seems safe to say, therefore, that capitalism will remain, and so too will the poor.


The drive to rid the world of poor people who do not reflect the profile of the power brokers, has taken on different approaches in different places at different times. At the level of individual countries, there was the Blanqueamiento policy of Cuba and other areas of Latin America. Argentina is most famous for its policies that were designed to whiten that country’s population.

Were we to address the story of Australia, there would be a need for ten follow up articles. 


Policies of this nature have met with varying levels of success. Attempts to introduce Germans and other Europeans to whiten the population in Jamaica failed. The Dominican Republic has had moderate success. The Jews are doing a great job in Israel now of sterilising Ethiopian Israelites, but that may not continue to work too much longer.


AIDS did not work. Ebola did not work. Dengue did not work. Chikungunya did not work. The only way to stop these non-preferred people from having babies is to give them deformed children. This may be the greatest self-persuasion. The authorities can now boldly tell their young women to stop having children, the opposite of what one of our Ministers told them. Zika creates that opportunity.


As has become normal for too many of us, we do not look a gift horse in the mouth and never question what is told to us. So we believe without questioning that our regular neighbourhood mosquito has suddenly been infused with new deadly diseases never heard of before. 


Many scrutinising voices have been raised in defence of mosquito Jane. The real culprit, they tell us, is the poisons that are injected into us in vaccines. 


We have been vaccinating our children for quite a few years, so many among us are tied to this practice. To shine the spotlight on this now may demand a defensive response from many quarters. They are entitled to defend what they have done, and continue to advocate, but Barbadians need to be more discerning of what is being done to them.


The people who recommend widespread vaccination for us cannot persuade their own people to do the same. How come? Our medical professionals are more wedded to vaccination than those who make vaccines, package them and send them to us. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that the people here who swear by the things that they inject into us do not make them and have no clue of what they are injecting into us. They tell us what was told to them. Vaccines are not made in Barbados. 


And now they are telling us that we should not limit this exercise to our children. Adults too should now be exposed to these concoctions. And we go like lambs to the slaughter although we know that we live in an environment that is designed to limit us. 

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