EDITORIAL - Place for both Emancipation Day, Kadooment


Ask Barbadians how they plan to celebrate Emancipation Day and you can be certain that the majority will admit that they do not give much thought to the day. 
Ask them, however, what is on the cards for Kadooment Day and you can sit back and listen to the full range of answers they will give. Many will likely say that they are looking forward to Grand Kadooment, a day where they can let their hair down and fete to the max.
Now whilst Grand Kadooment is indeed a time for revelry and enjoyment, we as a people should not only give that day its dues. Emancipation Day should also be recognised, in some form or fashion. However, there seems to be a kind of nonchalance when it comes to this day and its handful of activities. While great focus is placed on heritage and culture generally, it seems, however, that only those who actively participate in Emancipation  Day are willing to reflect on the concept of emancipation itself and what it should mean to a once enslaved people. Some see it as boring and unnecessary and simply do not get involved. This is quite unfortunate and Barbadians should be encouraged to celebrate the day with a little more fanfare.
It appears that a little more planning has been given to Emancipation Day and its activities this year, and this is a plus as it will also share the spotlight with Grand Kadooment on Monday. Celebrations will take the form of a motorcade and walk and participants who have been asked to turn out in their African-inspired attire will travel from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway, where the celebrations will climax.
Moderation is key 
Then it’s on to Grand Kadooment, which signals the end of the Crop Over season. Revellers will be out in their numbers, jumping from the National Stadium, along the route to Spring Garden. 
It is hoped that Barbadians and visitors alike will behave themselves this year and there are no fights and reports of excessively lewd behaviour, as sometimes obtains during the Kadooment Day jump up. Some people just go crazy on Kadooment Day. Considering that alcohol is at times added to the mix, we can see why it is that some individuals truly let loose and embarrass themselves while jumping. However, adults need to be more responsible and recognise the risks that are involved if they do not have their wits about them. It is fine to enjoy oneself, but as with most things, moderation is key.
The issue of safety and security has come up even more so this year, given the alleged threats made about possible gun violence that could interrupt festival events. The Royal Barbados Police Force will certainly have its hands full this entire weekend, leading up to Grand Kadooment, but seems up to the task. 
That said, we truly do wish that all safety measures and plans put in place will indeed be successful and we hope that there will be no negative occurrences to mar the close of the 2016 Crop Over Festival.

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