EDITORIAL: New year a chance to make things right

WHAT the year 2019 holds for Barbados is anyone’s guess. While this is not an occasion to delve into the tradition of trying to make New Year’s resolutions, it is still worthwhile to wish for our beloved country, correction to many – if not all of the – ills that have befallen the country.

For those loyal sons of the soil and who are committed to seeing the island prosper, there is no doubt they would want to see an end to those happenings and developments which do not make a nation proud, and for measures to improve the lives of Barbadians and a wish that the island emerges from the deep-seated economic and political crisis, in which it is now engulfed.

For those not so loyal and whose selfishness has contributed to many of the wrong things that are so prevalent in our country, they would want the prevailing situation to persist since that is the environment in which they flourish and are able to perpetuate their lawless behaviour.

Barbados remains for the most part a peaceful, friendly orderly society – features that have made us very proud as a people. This is a reputation that has taken years to build and we would want it to remain that way.

However, there are some worrying signs that have crept into our country and require fixing before it is too late. Our roads and highways have become virtually race tracks as motorists either seemed to be in a hurry, or to demonstrate to others the power of the vehicles they are commandeering; vending takes place any and everywhere and there is no order; there is too much vulgarity being exhibited by our young people; proper services are lacking at both public and private sector places set up to provide the same services; the costs of delivery of services has gotten out of hand; crime has become a real issue in Barbados and the harm it can do to our economy and citizens were featured at a recent meeting of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association; and among other things, Business Consultant Mrs. Lisa Gale wants to see those in authority move with haste to improve Barbados’ ranking in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business survey, that would assist in attracting investment to the island.

These are some of the things that call for attention. They did not happened overnight, but rather, have been festering for a long time.
Correcting them is not a task for our Government alone, although it should set the pace in some instances by giving leadership.

However, there are other institutions whose task it is to step up to the plate and to be as effective as possible to make Barbados a better place. The last thing we would want is for Barbados to descend into a state of anarchy where anything goes.

There are public and private institutions which have a role to play in remedying this situation. We must also single out a role for the Church, which has as much responsibility to the country as any other body, in helping our nation. Now is the time for all Barbados to turn the corner and put an end to these happenings. Our country deserves this and 2019 must be the beginning.

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