Salute unsung heroes


Tomorrow Barbadians will join together to celebrate this country’s national heroes. As we take the day to reflect on the achievements of the ten individuals and their collective contributions to the advancement of our quality of life throughout the years, let us also consider the unsung heroes of today who continue their good work, in whatever small way, making this society better for it.
Of note are the efforts of several politicians who, owing to their unique positioning as officers of government – many with responsibility for ministries – are able to ensure the development of not just their constituencies, but the wider society as well. Across the floor, opposition members too go to great lengths, albeit with considerably fewer resources, to assist their constituents. Together, these groups are responsible for passing legislation that will benefit Barbadians, such as the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill and the Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill for instance. They are also responsible, in collaboration with the local unions and various stakeholders, with the passing of the Safety & Health at Work Act, which seeks to promote safe and healthy workplaces. Coincidentally, tomorrow is also being celebrated across the world as World Day for Safety and Health at Work.
Likewise, individuals working on the front-line of the tourism sector and at the level of tourism management in government departments, are to be commended for their exemplary efforts that have made and continue to make this country one of the premier destinations in not only the region, but the world. In the face of global economic challenges the local tourism industry remains the lifeblood of this country and it is for this reason that all actors in this field should be lauded.
Similarly, public servants and officers operating in law enforcement, health care, education and agriculture to name a few, do their part daily to ensure that the level of service to citizens remains at a high level despite any challenges – personal or otherwise.
Finally, a special word of acknowledgement for every person who gives of their time to local charities and non-profit organisations, to help others who are not as fortunate financially, or those who are suffering with health issues leaving them vulnerable. In the eyes of all those burdened with poverty and ill health, you are true heroes. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire others.
Later this year, Barbadians will have an even bigger celebration for its 50th anniversary of Independence. As we look forward to this milestone, we urge each and every Barbadian to follow the example of our national heroes and aim to become present day unsung heroes, vowing to “do credit to my nation” by “my living” and deter many of the bad habits and practices that not only exist, but seem to flourish within some sections of society.
If every man, woman and child in this country lived every day with the intention of doing credit to this isle, there would be few if any violations of the law Barbadians would have a stellar mirror image.

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