Easter a period for reflection


A heartfelt wish this Easter Season, is that the season will not only be used as a period of reflection and interrogation of self, but also as a celebratory one as well.
How can the two go together you may ask? Well, Good Friday often presents those in the Christian community with a time to ponder about the task Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had, in offering up his life for the benefit of mankind. 
Much emphasis is placed on the events leading up to His crucifixion. So Good Friday is often viewed as a pensive day, a day for peace and quiet and reflection. 
On Easter Sunday and Monday however, many persons are usually in a celebratory mood, celebrating Christ’s resurrection and the fact that he was victorious in His mission, 
dying to free man from sin and giving him the hope of life eternal. That certainly calls for a celebration.
Spend time with our loved ones
Easter is also a time for the children. There will be endless kites in the sky. This Easter season allows many parents and caregivers to spend time with their children and loved ones, doing recreational activities. That is part of the joy of Easter, showing tender love and care for one another and greeting others with a glad and joyous spirit.
We certainly need a period for quiet reflection in our country at present, given that we are celebrating our 50th Anniversary of Independence this year. 
Considering what is happening on the industrial relations front, the constant back and forth between government and the trade unions, the work stoppages in certain sectors, we 
really need to stop and assess where we are headed. 
We are seeing a great deal of turmoil at the global level as well, as the terrorists work their schemes and we can only pray that our Caribbean islands, never become targets.
Ground ourselves in our faith
What all Barbadians will need is steely resolve in the face of all present and impending challenges. Our faith will surely have to rise to a higher level. As such, we 
should use the Easter period to ground ourselves in our faith. Let us also use the time to really reflect as a people on where we want to be in the future and what it will take for us to get there. 
Easter also reminds us as a Christian society, that we cannot only live for the here and now. There is a future that awaits us in the spiritual realm. 
And so, in the natural realm, we need to look ahead as well and take the necessary steps to ensure good outcomes going forward, whether in the area of business, family life, in our career paths and even as a nation.
We take this present opportunity to wish all A Happy Easter and May God’s Peace and Guiding Hand be upon this nation, now and always.

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