FROM THE BOUNDARY: Snow-Snow’s song – Part 5

We’re exploring the Divine, the eternal principles and precepts etched
into the whole of creation which make for the mystery of life and
renew it daily. They’re ideas which came like shooting star moments in
the company of a child chicken in a chapel. Bless you Snow-Snow. How
will it all end, I wonder?

Well, do you remember the Spanish folk song, ‘De Colores’, a
celebration of “the great loves with many colours” –  of nature,
people, every stitch in the tapestry of life? May your own colour this
morning bless the day. I must sing it to Snow-Snow. His feather
colouring is so different from his siblings. He’s unique – and so are

That uniqueness is something we’re apt to forget. Sometimes we’re
overwhelmed by our feelings, our fear, of ‘aloneness’. Don’t we die
alone? We know that the toothache of others doesn’t take ours away.
When those we love desert us, it’s as if the world, our world, has
betrayed us. We all feel the need to ‘belong’, to be accepted. So
often our differences are used to bully us, especially when
‘difference’ is accompanied by weakness, and is condemned, vocally or
by snide silence, at all sorts of levels – through prejudice, from a
sense of superiority and our conditioning, by systems and institutions
like the Church. Let not religion, or anything else, EVER destroy our
self-worth. “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do
good works” (Eph 2:10). Once upon a time, I mentioned ‘Don’t Laugh at
Me’ (Peter, Paul and Mary) – Operation Respect. It’s our anthem.
Please listen to it. “In God’s eyes we’re all the same.” We all, ALL,
rest in the Divine. Whichever way we turn, when we look within, the
Divine is there – knocking, always knocking. Just open the door.

Now get this: you are an original, unrepeatable creation, the product
of the Divine. So is Snow-Snow. So is every blade of grass. Sure, the
world reveals similarities and samenesses. But it’s the differences,
the uniqueness of everything, which makes life such a wonderful
adventure story.

Snow-Snow’s life song is infinitely precious. And so is ours, as
precious as our DNA, our fingerprints. Our life song is one only we
can sing. We’re not other people. Some time ago, I read a powerful
feature article in another newspaper about one Kadira Carter (22
March). Here’s a snatch of what she said. “The moment my life changed
was when I understood that it’s okay to make mistakes and not be
perfect. There is more to life than living up to other people’s
expectations. It limits your ability to…live life to the fullest. The
best you can do…is to understand your value, embrace who you are…”
Wise words. Remember. You are UNIQUE.

Nothing lasts. Change comes in a moment. We can never be sure about
tomorrow. Yes, there’ll always be ‘birthing’ – the creative principle.
But change comes, like the shape of clouds, and often when it’s
unexpected. Thus the principle of transience. Remember the Incredible
String Band’s ‘This Moment’? “This moment is different from any before
it…it’s now.” Covid Wimp has shown us we’re guests not masters. “All’s
changed, changed utterly…A terrible beauty…” Snow-Snow will soon be a
real rooster. In a few years, he’ll die. I’ll die. You’ll die. “Our
flesh is like grass.” There’ll always be challenges. The seasons will
still come and go. The rocks will erode. The seas will encroach upon
the land. New songs will be sung. There’s no end to it. It’s the
Divine at work – and it’s still a beautiful world.

Well, it’s obvious we’re a long way from the ‘old man in the sky’, God
as ‘person’. The Divine inevitably touches us. Of course it does. It’s
within us. We’re all threads in the tapestry of life: truth, oneness,
birthing, uniqueness, transience. Snow-Snow has only unravelled some
of them. There’ll be more I’m sure, bless him. But don’t be too hard
on him. Remember – he’s only a little chick, a rainbow in feathers.

Go safely, then – until the next time.

Snow-Snow’s blessing, from the boundary: “Be a light unto yourself”
(Gautama Siddhartha).

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