Jenson Sylvester, Vice President of C&W Business with Catherine Mapp of the Fairmont Royal Pavilion.

From left: Jenson Sylvester and Tracie Ifill of C&W Business engage Christopher Linton and Damian Vidal of Unicomer Barbados Ltd.

Niall Sheehy (left), Managing Director of Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Communications, shares a moment with Sharon Armstrong-Mullah and Stephen Savoury of the Caribbean Examination Council.

Sylvester attains presidency of Cable & Wireless Business

Jenson Sylvester has been appointed Vice President of C&W Business, the business solutions arm of Cable & Wireless Communications.

In welcoming Sylvester to the new post, C&W Business recently hosted clients and industry stakeholders at a reception at Buzo Restaurant.

“Most businesses in Barbados have a service from C&W Business and we have to make sure our customers are happy with the service they are getting. We also want to get to know our customers better, so it’s important for us to put the resources and processes in place to make sure we have an in-depth understanding of their connectivity needs,” said Sylvester.

“At this moment we are providing clients with world-class, cutting-edge technology to help move their business forward. We are leveraging our subsea fibre network that lands in 42 different countries around the region and we are leveraging our lightning fast terrestrial network to deliver first class managed services to help optimise and streamline their businesses.”

Sylvester, who joins the local company from the Jamaica business unit, also outlined some upcoming client-based initiatives, including dedicated service managers and account management teams.

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